Motherly Musings no longer available through the publisher / Amazon

Hey there, y'all! 

Happy Mother's Day weekend to you, first and foremost.  I hope you all spend quality time with the important people in your lives, and take at least a moment for yourself and to reflect on what a journey (albeit rollercoaster journey at times!) you have been on.

Secondly, I must report here that Motherly Musings is no longer available through the publisher / on Amazon, due to low sales and too much paperwork on the publisher's end.  However, yours truly has a stockpile. :-)  Please contact me directly at motherhood2009 at to order copies directly.  I have 20 copies left of this now-limited edition collection.  $15/each, bulk discounts and shipping available for anyone more than 10 miles from my home.  Please email what you need and I'll hook you up.

** Contributors and Potential contributors, I would also like to note that I have a specific-themed sequel cooking right now, and would love to open it up to submissions as soon as some of my stockpile of Motherly Musings and Mother Muse have been sold.  It is hard to rationalize starting a new compilation project when I have not recouped my costs from the last one. (I make nothing on these work of heart collections!)  I have several projects waiting in my heart and hope to make them realities, but if you all could please help me out selling the remaining 20 copies of each Mother Muse and Motherly Musings, I would so very much appreciate it!  They make fabulous gifts for any mother or mother-to-be in your life!  I accept cash, check, and PayPal at this time. 

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