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Raising tweens—the right time to pause for motherly musings

* By Kerry Luksic, Philadelphia Parenting Tweens Examiner

Parenting has often been compared to running a marathon—you need to be ready for the long haul, there will likely be some wear and tear on the body—emotionally and physically, and some exhilarating moments to cherish. When it comes to raising tweens, it’s similar to being at the midpoint of the marathon—the equivalent 13.1 mile marker. There are no more diapers, strollers, two-year old tantrums, first days of kindergarten, or third grade science fairs—but the often angst-ridden teenage years are right around the corner. Based on this fact alone, the tween years are the right time to stop, refuel, and reflect for the remaining parenting long stretch ahead.

Sueann Wells’s recent book, Motherly Musings: Thirty Women and Men Reflect on the Roller Coaster Ride that is Motherhood, is an excellent choice for reflecting and refueling in the unpredictable journey of motherhood. As an anthology, Wells shares a collection of essays, poetry and touching stories that weave the fabric of all the good, bad, intense joy, and the overwhelming and challenging aspects of raising children. Some of the themes from the collection include the heartbreak of miscarriage, the promise of a newborn, the joy of adoption, finding the hidden blessings within Autism, the push-pull-tug-of-war of the teenage years, and ultimately—the empty nest. In addition, Pennsylvania writer Melissa Nicolas shares her story, “Can You Put Your Kids on Your Resume?” which reveals the challenges of raising her two sons while trying to balance her career as an Associate Professor of English at Drew University.

As the editor of the book Sueann Wells wanted to capture the raw beauty through each phase of the mothering experience. The experiences are diverse—but all show that the universal goal of motherhood is to raise children into the best individuals they can be. “Motherhood is not always glorious, but at the end of the day, mothers appreciate the blessings they experience in their children,” says Wells.

So if you’re raising tweens and catch yourself wondering, “How did my kids ever get to be this big? Weren’t they just starting kindergarten yesterday” or nervously thinking ahead, “How am I ever going to handle them when they are officially teens?” check out Motherly Musings. The diverse collection of stories can help you renew your mothering perspective, reflect on your parenting journey, and emotionally refuel for whatever lies ahead.

For more information on Motherly Musings: Thirty Women and Men Reflect on the Roller Coaster Ride that is Motherhood, to purchase an autographed copy, or to submit your own motherly muse tale, contact Sueann via email motherhood2009@yahoo.com or visit http://www.motherly-musings.com.

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