Sarah Smenyak

The Motherly Musings team will be periodically interviewing contributors to the book.  Sarah Smenyak agreed to our first interview, below.

1) Tell us a bit about the pieces you have in Motherly Musings.  What was the inspiration for your work, and do you have any comments or thoughts about your featured work that you would like to share with readers? The two pieces included in this work are both centered around the fact that mothers are so many different things.  And our role as a mother, even though it takes center stage in our lives, is only a part of who we are and cannot adequately capture our entire self.  But, the pieces of ourselves that we bring to motherhood are what make us the mothers that we are.

2)  How long have you been writing and how did you get started? I have always liked to write.  My favorite English classes in school, were those that had some sort of creative writing component.  However, I have a hard time calling myself a "writer." I mainly write for myself, and have been writing regularly on my blog for about six years.  The blog has allowed me to find that creative side and has given me a writing outlet that I do not know if I would have found otherwise. 

3)  In general, the pieces that appear in Motherly Musings are about parenting, mothers, or children.  Does this theme permeate your other writing? What other themes and ideas influence your work?  I write a lot about my life as a mother.  However, I think that as my children have been getting older, my writing has matured to reflect the fact that I am still searching for me and who I want to be and what the road is I am going to take.  That road is ever changing. 

4)  Are you working on any other writing projects at the moment?  No specific projects.  I have some ideas in my head that are waiting for the right time to come together.

5) What is your greatest challenge as writer?  My greatest challenge is to actually believe that I can be....or actually am a writer.  Confidence.  And building on what I have.

6)  What are you reading right now?  (Don't be shy--Good Night Moon and People Magazine count! :-)  I am currently reading 22 Britannia Road: A Novel - About a Polish husband and wife, separated by world war II and reunited in England, trying to recreate their family after years apart.

7) Any final thoughts, advice, or comments you'd like to leave our readers with?  Laugh at yourself and never be afraid to use the flying monkeys.


"Sarah grew up in the warmth of Southern California and now freezes in Indiana, by the lake, for six months out of the year.  She is married to Jeff, and has three children, two cats, and a dog and works as a middle school counselor.  In her spare time....wait, she has spare time?"  Sarah blogs at That's Life v 2.0.

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justgiveme1year said...

Love it! Sounds like a great book. And you have always had a great wit about you Sarah.