Motherly Musings

As all parents know, parenting is an around-the-clock job, whether the mom or dad works full time, part time, or stays home with the children.  Writers often become ‘dormant’ as their lives head ‘the family way.’  Balancing the literary with the domestic is then often a challenge, but when mothers and fathers allow their muses to write their magic in spare moments during that time, the resulting literature is all the more authentic, focused, and emotional. 

   The women and men whose pieces are featured within this volume have thankfully found the time to share their perspectives on parenting, and the result is indeed magical.  Chapters celebrate the raw beauty of each side of the experience, taking the reader on the joyous, challenging journey that is motherhood. 

   Biological, foster, and adoptive mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers from all walks of life, across the nation,  and across the globe share their souls, their insight on this journey.  Mother-writers remain the most honest and authentic sources of insight on their situations, after all.  We need to listen to our mothers.  Each of our experiences is diverse, but each is striking, as we all attempt to raise our children into the best individuals they can be, no matter our race, religion, or regional or generational differences.  This volume recognizes the blood, sweat and tears mothers and grandmothers put into raising the next generation. 

    Journey with these women through intense joy, bittersweet reflection, and heart-breaking trauma, always bounding back with resilience only a mother warrior could invoke.  Similar to the original Mother Muse, this volume balances the good and the bad, the heart-wrenching and the heart-warming perspectives.  Motherhood is not always glorious, but at the end of the day, mothers appreciate the blessings they experience in their children.  I hope readers find something new, useful, enlightening, and/or reflective each moment he or she sits down with a piece in this book.  I hope the mothers within these pages speak to each one of you, and the volume will touch your heart and inspire you to appreciate the connections you have with the women in your life.

     Thank you to all the women and men, new and returning, who have contributed to this volume and ultimately made its creation possible.  Thank you readers for embarking on this journey with us, and may the mother muse within you all never cease to inspire you. 
Sueann Wells is an English professor-turned-stay-at-home mom of three, miscarriage survivor of three, daycare provider, and a freelance editor and writer.  She is a certified 7-12th grade English teacher who has shared the love of reading and writing with students in public and private grade schools, and at Finger Lakes Community College and the Rochester Institute of Technology.  Two of her poetry collections have been published through Foothills Publishing in Kanona, NY, and she self-published Mother Muse, a collection of 24 women’s essays and poetry celebrating motherhood.  Motherly Musings seeks to surpass the original’s heart-touching, uplifting message, and inspire women to appreciate their power and strength on the roller coaster ride of motherhood.

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