My Mother Taught Me Reviews ~ Anthology set to be released soon

My Mother Taught Me examines motherhood in all its complexities and nuances. In this delightful volume of poetry and prose you can find mothers who were present and mothers who were absent, mothers who laughed every day and mothers who cried more often than not, mothers who raised their children all on their own and mothers who had a partner by their side. The pages are alive with the diverse mothers who gave each contributor their advice, love, and life-lessons. A great gift for the new mother or for Mother’s Day, My Mother Taught Me, is a lovely tribute to the women who raised us.  

~ Christine Green, Literary Arts Columnist,

As our nation struggles to find its way in an increasingly divided political and cultural climate, perhaps the healing of our country doesn’t begin with simply listening to those with whom we disagree or trying to understand different points of view. We all know how good this sounds in theory and just how difficult it is in practice. Instead, it is my growing belief that it is mothers who can bring us together. As mothers, we are united in our wish for the best for our kids, for being good examples, for pinning our hopes on a future that offers opportunities for happiness and peace. 

Sueann Wells has brought together a collection of narratives, in prose, poetry, and photography that remind us of the maternal thread that both tethered us to this earth when we were born and cut us loose into an uncertain adulthood. In My Mother Taught Me, Wells deftly weaves together disparate strands, of struggle with an alcoholic mother, of resilience learned from a working mother, of the caution to trust carefully and not with blind acceptance, to create a cohesive narrative made all the stronger and all the richer for its diversity. 

Anthologies that both venerate and interrogate the maternal experience serve to bring us closer together. Sueann Wells has not only bound us together through powerful maternal narratives, she has reminded us that perhaps our best hope for an empowered future rests not with shared narratives but with an appreciation that for some, a walk in the woods may open up even the most closed among us; for others, the refusal to settle for an unripe melon may just be the start of finding one’s conviction.

~ Lisa Carley Hotaling, Editor, The Narrow Pass

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Hey there, y'all! 

Happy Mother's Day weekend to you, first and foremost.  I hope you all spend quality time with the important people in your lives, and take at least a moment for yourself and to reflect on what a journey (albeit rollercoaster journey at times!) you have been on.

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Jennifer Borcherding

We are proud to present Jennifer Borcherding:

1) Tell us a bit about the pieces you have in Motherly Musings. What was the inspiration for your work, and do you have any comments or thoughts about your featured work that you would like to share with readers?

I was inspired to write about my sons by my sons.  I was and am intrigued by the way they have grabbed my life and my heart – twisting them both in interesting new ways.  I have aimed to define my love for them in a way more permanent than ice cream or stickers.  I wanted to express my dedication to them by trying to let them know I will always love them although I know their love and the way their lives grow will soon be beyond my protective arms or motherly involvement.  I was inspired to try to define how gripping being a mother is and how motherly love is beyond destruction even when it is called into question.

2)   How long have you been writing and how did you get started?

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing.  Although it is a craft that I would like to develop more, I don’t remember starting to write - only allowing that door to open.  When I am writing a strong piece I often feel not as if I am writing it but rather that I am giving that piece hands to mold it.

3)   In general, the pieces that appear in Motherly Musings are about parenting, mothers, or children. Does this theme permeate your other writing? What other themes and ideas influence your work?

The themes and ideas that influence my creative work are about my life – motherhood, love, being a woman, etc.  I have written professionally for trade journals.  Most of my current writing is marketing and advertising for my small business.  

4)    Are you working on any other writing projects at the moment?

I have been working on a book for years.  Not a word of it has left the editing room of my mind.  I am also developing a screenplay although this style of writing differs from any natural or learned style I have experience with. 

5)     What is your greatest challenge as writer?

Time!  My greatest challenge is finding time to commit to writing.

6)   What are you reading right now? (Don't be shy--Good Night Moon and People Magazine count! :-)

I am reading and learning from various children’s books about the universe and dinosaurs.  My little guys are interested in these topics.

7)    Any final thoughts, advice, or comments you'd like to leave our readers 
Everyone has a voice!  Find a way to help people hear yours!  We are all having common experiences in our own unique ways – let other’s share in yours.  Thank you for taking the time to read my pieces and my interview.